Toyota Camry XV50 (2011 - 2017) reversible boot protector

Toyota Camry XV50 (2011 - 2017) reversible boot protector




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Reversible boot mat for Toyota Camry XV50 (2011 - 2017)

Our reversible luggage mats for Toyota Camry XV50 (2011 - 2017) cover most of the luggage compartment and have the possibility to put them on the side of the fabric / carpet or rubber. It is ideal for those looking for the elegance of carpeting for everyday use in the city and on the other hand want the comfort of rubber for your weekend excursions.

There are different sizes but how to know what size to choose?
It is very simple, we will only have to measure with a meter the length of our trunk and the width in its narrowest area. Then select from the drop-down the width without going over and the length knowing that we can over-go up to 20 centimeters (the excess part of the length will bend in the area of the seats protecting them too, look at photos).

Summary steps to follow to choose size and example:

  • We measure the width of the trunk in its narrowest area, example: 96 cm
  • We measure the length, example: 97 cm
  • We choose the width without going through so we select the width of 95 cm
  • We will choose the length knowing what we can surpass it. Therefore we can choose the measure 100 cm

As you can see we will be 3 centimeters long but as you can see in the photos it bends on the side attached to the rear seats and thus protects them as well.

Reversible boot Protector installation for Toyota Camry XV50 (2011 - 2017)
To install the reversible boot protector for Toyota Camry XV50 (2011 - 2017) you only have to choose which side you want to put (whether cloth or rubber) and then extend it along the trunk.

Note: the rubber is not anti-sliding. It is semi-rigid rubber ideal for use with mud, water, sand and dirt in general. Easy to clean and very durable.

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