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Buy Chevrolet car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Chevrolet car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your order with total peace of mind and we will take care of the rest.

Chevrolet is a car and truck brand headquartered in Detroit, United States. From 1918 it became part of the General Motors group.
Chevrolet, also known to Americans as Chevy, was born on November 3, 1911, thanks to the alliance of racing driver Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder William Crapo Durant. The company was born as the Chevrolet Motor Car Company.
The creation of your logo has several theories. One of them tells that it emerged in a Parisian hotel, during a business trip of Willian Crapo Durant in Paris. He found on the wall of the hotel room where he was staying a drawing that formed a strange geometric figure and took it as an idea to be an emblem of an automobile brand. Another theory is that it is inspired by the Swiss cross and that its original designer was Louis Chevrolet.
The Chevrolet emblem is a bright cross with metallic colors, very easy to recognize and outstanding for its simplicity. It was first used in 1913.
In 1912 the brand's first car was introduced, the Chevrolet Classic Six, a sedan with an in-line 6-cylinder engine. A few years later, in 1918 General Motors took control of Chevrolet and that same year the first truck was marketed.
In 1923 they opened the production plant in Denmark. It would be the first production plant outside the North American continent.
After the start of World War II in 1940, Chevrolet began manufacturing 75mm shells without abandoning the automotive industry. In 1942 they have to stop the production of vehicles to focus exclusively on the creation of military weapons.
After the war, Chevrolet returns to the production of cars for the general public. In 1953 he launched a sports model, the Corvette.
Two years later, Chevrolet managed to outperform its eternal rival Ford in sales volume.
In the decade of the 60s, the brand takes forward the launch of Camaro and Malibu, two models of vehicles that have the title of ‘classics of the history of the automotive’.
In the 1970s, the American car market suffered a deep crisis, attributed to the origin of increasingly sophisticated and numerous Japanese vehicles. Chevrolet decides to face it by taking out the Vega and Monte Carlo models, aiming to recover sales up to 30%.
The following decade, the 80s, began a great concern for non-renewable energy. Therefore, Chevrolet bets on a line of small cars and gives way to the new Chevette range. This range has reduced characteristics of both space and fuel consumption, these being the keys to its success.
In these years, General Motors decided to embark on the conquest of the Asian continent and, in 1983, signed a collaboration agreement with Isuzu, Suzuki, Fuji Heavy Industries and Toyota.
Its share in the world market has increased after implementing the new global design concept called Global Pix, with which it began to present its first vehicles called 'globales'.
The Chevrolet Aveo vehicle was the first to be presented in China with this feature. Later, the Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Captiva models were introduced, which shared design features with the Chevrolet Aveo.
Another project generated by the new design trend is the so-called ‘Viva Project’ developed in Mercosur and from which the Chevrolet Agile, Chevrolet Montana and the new generation of Chevrolet Cobalt models came out.
In early December 2013, Chevrolet announced a reorganization by which it would leave the European market before beginning 2016.

Buy Chevrolet car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Chevrolet car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your o...

Technical characteristics
Brand:Chevrolet / Daewoo
Model:Rezzo, Aveo, Chevrolet Camaro, Captiva, Cruze, Epica, Evanda, Kalos, Lacetti, Lanos, Matiz, Nubira, Orlando, Spark, Tacuma, Trax
Years of manufacture:1970 - current
Body types:All Versions, All versions, 7-Spaces, 5-Spaces, Touring

Cheap Chevrolet Car Mats

At the Car Mat King, you will be able to find cheap Chevrolet car mats to replace the original ones or excellence range ones for experienced drivers. Our range of economical car mats has a slightly superior quality to the original standard ones, therefore ensuring their durability. The excellence range has a quality which far exceeds the average, standing out for its great finish and high density of the mat. The latter is highly recommended if you like the world of cars since you will appreciate every detail. The Chevrolet car mats with rubber finish are manufactured with an anti-odour system to prevent bad odours inside the car. On the other hand, some car mat models have been tailored specifically for your vehicle.

The Chevrolet care mats are already manufactured and in stock in our logistics warehouses in France, therefore you will receive your order quickly (except for personalised products which will take 1-2 more days). If the warehouse is out of stock, we will inform you immediately to be able to send them to you from the closest warehouse.

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