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The Dacia brand was born in Romania in 1966 and since 1999 belongs to the Renault group.
Dacia was created following the ban on imports into the Socialist Republic of Romania. That is why the Romanian government was obliged to create its own brand of vehicles but seeking a manufacturer's license so as not to have to develop its own technology that involved a very high investment. In the call presented were the brands Volkswagen, Fiat, Peugeot and Renault, the latter being finally the winner.
Dacia's main factory was built in 1968 in Colibasi, which is now known as Mioveni. At first all the models that were manufactured were Renault, as the example of the famous Renault 12-. It was not between 2004-2007 when the Dacia Logan and Dacia Sandero models were put on sale and in 2010 the Dacia Duster and the famous Sandero Stepway went on sale.
Once the Logan was made, there was so much demand that it was made in Western Europe. The Dacia models that were manufactured had very typical characteristics of Renault such as engines, surfaces, etc. Such as the Clio, Twingo, Kangoo.
Although Dacia already wanted to be an `independent company until it did not have the means and sufficient material, it was under the mandate of manufacturing the Renault 8 which was also known at the time by the Dacia 1100. During the years 68-72 more than 40,000 vehicles were manufactured. In the 70s a vehicle was manufactured with the characteristic of having a more powerful engine that was normally used by the police and car racing lovers.

The first Dacia model 1300 came out in the year 69, and in Romania they liked the car model so much that many varieties of it were made during the 70s. It is worth mentioning the SuperLux that was characterized by radio, windshield, exclusive upholstery, etc.this car model was most used by the Communist Party Nomenklatura.

Due to the export of the Dacia brand, the export began in the year 72 of vehicles such as the 1300 break van, the 1300F (used for cargo) and the 1300 (used for ambulance). At the end of the 80s with the manufacture of Dacia 2000, a vehicle very similar to the famous Renault 20. Very few quantities were manufactured due to the exclusivity of the product.

In the 80s, the vehicle model Dacia 1310 was presented in Bucharest, which changed different aspects of the car such as the fender, a new interior, etc.Thanks to the new presentation of the 1310, the aesthetics of the usual headlights is modified in all new vehicles of manufacture saying goodbye to rectangular headlights. In the United Kingdom the 1310 was called Dacia Denem and liked so much for its manual box (five speeds) alloy wheels and a power window. Although after its boom in the United Kingdom, Korean and Japanese vehicles arrived taking all the prominence.

During the descent in the United Kingdom of the Denem, they wanted to recover the sales and therefore in 1979 the new sports coupe model of the 1310 is presented, which is called Warsaw. This car model was used for several years in rallies.

The 80s were key for the Dacia brand, as designers, technicians and engineers wanted to manufacture novel vehicles such as the clear example of the 500cc mini-dacia or the Dacia 1310. These models are highly respected by lovers of the brand as it has several very rare elements to see in standard vehicles.

As we mentioned earlier, in the 82 after the 1302 was manufactured as a cupe, the Dacia 1304 Pick-Up and 1305 Dropside were the most successful vehicles in manufacture that year and all these models remained in manufacture until 2005, with their modifications of course.

Dacia never ceases to amaze motor lovers with its characteristic yet unique elements. We are looking forward to seeing at the motor show with which new models surprise us.

Buy Dacia car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Dacia car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your order wit...

Technical characteristics
Model:Jogger, Spring, Dokker, Duster, Lodgy, Logan, Sandero
Years of manufacture:2005 - present
Body types:All Versions, Stepway, All versions, 7 Spaces, 5 Spaces, 7-Spaces, 5-Spaces, Mcv, SUV

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