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Buy Honda car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Honda car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your order with total peace of mind and we will take care of the rest.

DID YOU KNOW THAT...? Interesting facts about Honda:
Honda was founded in Japan in 1949 by engineer Saichiro Honda, under the name of the Honda Technical Research Institute. As a curious and important fact to note, is that the company started when with a small engine, Saichiro Honda was able to get a bike. This fact quickly became an inspiration for him as he envisioned that transport problems (especially for the poorest population) could be solved by adding an engine to his bicycles.
After this important event, a short time later, he showed the world a first prototype bike with engine, which included fuel tanks. It was from that moment, and his first motor bike (the so-called ‘Honda A-type’ , created in 1947), that Saichiro Honda became the president of the company named Honda Motor Co, which, in 1949, launched the first Honda bike, the D-Type “Dream”.
All Honda products are known throughout the world not only for their excellent quality but also for the philosophy with which they have been endowed. Saichiro Honda says: "Our policy is to create things that serve the interests of the people, that is, to offer products that contribute to the improvement of people's mobility and the well-being of society.’’
The Japanese company Honda Motor stands out in its manufacture of automobiles, propellants for land, water and air vehicles, motorcycles, robots and components for the automotive industry.
In the 1950s, they began to create the first Honda four-stroke motorcycle to hit the market, the so-called E-Type, designed and field-tested by Kiyoshi Kawashima. And from that moment, Honda begins to open its borders internationally. In the mid-50s, Honda began to create four-wheeled vehicles. And it is in 1962 when Honda released its first prototype, a small red sports car four cylinders in line. Shortly after this event, they were releasing a series of sports that make the sixties one of the most prolific Honda, creating a radically new model, fast and compact light, the so-called `Civic’. A few years later, and after a lot of effort and work, the Civic went on the market, becoming one of the most valued and sold vehicles. Having exceeded one million units in sales, they created the Honda Accord, which in just a few months doubled the sales of previous models. After this boom, the Japanese manufacturer continued its expansion in Europe, creating more and more versions of vehicles more renewed and innovative.
Honda stands out against other brands in the research and development of technologies with which to achieve sustainable mobility, that is, to achieve in their vehicles a reduction of environmental pollution in all its senses. The company is mainly focused on giving importance to hybrid vehicles, since it considers that it is one of the most effective ways to reduce polluting emissions from vehicle fuels. Thanks to all the time invested in research and their dedication, Honda vehicles are among the ones that generate the least polluting emissions. In 2007 Honda was named, for the fourth consecutive year , the Greenest Car Manufacturer (Union of Concerned Scientists) as well as being one of the three automotive companies included in the World's Top 100 most Sustainable Companies in 2008 (Corporate Knights Inc. And Innovest Strategic Value Advisors Inc.).
Today, Honda is a multi-billion dollar company with a global presence, standing out in its sectors for its efforts to research and develop increasingly efficient and less polluting engines.

Buy Honda car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Honda car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your order wit...

Technical characteristics
Model:e, Legend, Accord, Civic, CR-V, CR-Z, FR-V, HR-V, Jazz, S2000
Years of manufacture:1993 - present
Body types:Tourer, Sedan, All Versions, Coupé, 5 Doors, 4 Doors Sedan, 4 Doors, 3 Doors, 3 And 5 Doors (The Egg), 3 Or 5 Doors, Touring, All versions, Hybrid

Cheap Honda Car Mats

At the Car Mat King, you will be able to find cheap Honda car mats to replace the original ones or excellence range ones for experienced drivers. Our range of economical car mats has a slightly superior quality to the original standard ones, therefore ensuring their durability. The excellence range has a quality which far exceeds the average, standing out for its great finish and high density of the mat. The latter is highly recommended if you like the world of cars since you will appreciate every detail. The Honda car mats with rubber finish are manufactured with an anti-odour system to prevent bad odours inside the car. On the other hand, some car mat models have been tailored specifically for your vehicle.

The Honda care mats are already manufactured and in stock in our logistics warehouses in France, therefore you will receive your order quickly (except for personalised products which will take 1-2 more days). If the warehouse is out of stock, we will inform you immediately to be able to send them to you from the closest warehouse.

The Car Mat King is a Spanish logistics company which operates throughout Europe and is dedicated to the sale and distribution of car mats, always selecting the best materials and finishes for its customers. With thousands of customers around the world, the Car Mat King has a presence in more than twenty countries, being the world leader in this sector of mats. Trust in the best, don’t wait any longer and renew your car’s look!

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