Kit, repair-flat tires complete car: compressor, tools, and patches.



57,95 €

Kit ideal for wearing stored in the trunk and avoid surprises with a puncture, you'll have everything you need to put a patch and follow your way. As a professional workshop. In addition, it will include a cuter, pliers, and screwdrivers that may save you from other problems.


The kit to repair punctures car includes:
- Compressor with LCD screen, and connect to a cigarette lighter.
- Screwdrivers (flat and star)
- Cutter
- Pliers
- Set of strips/patches along the glue and tools to put them.

1) Start the car.
2) Connect the compressor to the burner.
3) Select the desired pressure.
4) Connect the compressor to the wheel.
5) turn on the compressor with the 0 button/I.
6) will Start to inflate until you get to the pressure selected. When you arrive, automatically.

Technical characteristics of the compressor:
Maximum power: 120W
Maximum pressure: 150PSI
Dimensions: 16,5x14,5x5cm
Cable length: 2.8 M

The patches are not valid for punctures side, slices of tires, or any sting out of the tread and a large diameter. In that case you will have to change the tire.

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