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Buy Toyota car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Toyota car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your order with total peace of mind and we will take care of the rest.

Did you know ...?: History goes back to the creation of sewing machines. Yes, sewing machines, and Toyoda invents the first weaving machine in Japan, generating the greatest textile revolution in the country. At the beginning of 1948, the textile company called Toyoda Spinning and Weaving Company was created. In 1914, Toyoda's wish came true thanks to his son to have an automated loom and it was in 1926 when the new company on the textile scene was founded.
Toyoda's son Kiichiro, due to all the business trips in Europe and the United States, takes an interest in cars. Toyoda sells the rights to the loom to fully enter the automotive industry and that is when the two create the Toyota Motor Company, founded in 1937.
A curiosity of Toyota is that, the famous phrase that we all know of JUST IN TIME is due to the number of vehicles that are manufactured that have been ordered at a minimum additional cost at the beginning.
In the 1950s, the commercialization of vehicles abroad began with this, the first Crown arrived in the United States. In the year 60 the brand was consolidated again after the crisis suffered by the Second World War.
Also note that in the 1960s Toyota was the first Japanese vehicle brand to compete in the Mobligas Round Australia rally with a version of the Toyopet Crown Deluxe models.

The first Toyota vehicle to arrive in Europe was the 190 Crown. And it is thanks to this vehicle that Toyota begins its growth in the European car market. At the end of the year, the Toyota Canarias company, the Toyota Motor Corporation office in Brussels and the Toyota Frey Austria GmbH began to manufacture.
Vehicle models like the Corolla arrive in the United States. Thus becoming the largest automobile factory of the moment. At the end of the 1980s, Toyota Celica wins the RAC rally. And they continue to manufacture new offices and factories such as Toyota Ireland, Toyota Norge, etc.

Toyota's arrival in Spain was in 1984 with Nipauto, a company that began with the importation of brand vehicles throughout the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. The Toyota Land Cruiser, the courtesy vehicle best known by Toyota, wins three categories in the Paris Dakar Rally.
In the same year 1989, a large pickup manufacturing was generated in the Volkswagen factory, and in this year the Toyota Motor Manufacturing was also created in the United Kingdom location.
In Spain we have to highlight the glorious victory of Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya in 1990, proclaimed world champions
Meanwhile, the joint production of pickup models at the Volkswagen factory in that same German city began in 1989, the date on which Toyota Motor Manufacturing was also established in the United Kingdom. A year later, the brand acquires a stake in this distributor. Already in 1990, Carlos Sainz and Luís Moya proclaimed themselves World Rally champions at the controls of a Toyota Celica GT4.
And it is in 1992 when they return to do it, being world champions again.
In the same year, Carina e vehicles and engines are generated.
The Japanese brand and the Bergé group agree to collaborate so that a greater manufacture of Toyota Spain is generated.
Almost at the end of the decade we find the creation of the French factory of Valenciennes, in France. By now Toyota is the largest automobile industry with more than half a million sales. In 1999 we have a new victory for Carlos Sainz as the winner of the world championship of constrictors and the beginning of him in formula 1.
In 2002, Toyota España S.L.U was created, a leading company in the market in Spain. The manufacture of diesel engines in Spain began in 2003. Toyota's sales of hybrid vehicles reached more than 400,000 units in 2005.

Buy Toyota car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Toyota car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your order w...

Technical characteristics
Model:Proace, bZ4X, Highlander, Mirai, Supra, Camry, Carina, Hilux, Auris, Avensis, Avensis Verso, Aygo, C-HR, Corolla, Corolla Verso, IQ, Land Cruiser, Previa, Prius, RAV4, Tundra, Urban Cruiser, Verso, Verso-S, Yaris, Yaris Verso
Years of manufacture:1992 - present
Body types:All Versions, Hybrid, Touring, Touring Sports, Sédan, All versions, 1 Series40/150, 1 Series20, 1 Series60/170, 3 / 5 doors, Sedan, 7 Spaces, 5 Spaces, J9, J15 Short (5 Spaces), J12 Short (5 Spaces), J12 Long (5/7Spaces), J15 Long (5/7 Spaces), J95, J100, J20, J15 restyling short , J15 restyling long, J300, 5 doors, 5 Doors, 3 Doors, 3 Or 5 Doors, Gasoline and diesel, Cross, Hatchback, Double cab, Single cab

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At the Car Mat King, you will be able to find cheap Toyota car mats to replace the original ones or excellence range ones for experienced drivers. Our range of economical car mats has a slightly superior quality to the original standard ones, therefore ensuring their durability. The excellence range has a quality which far exceeds the average, standing out for its great finish and high density of the mat. The latter is highly recommended if you like the world of cars since you will appreciate every detail. The Toyota car mats with rubber finish are manufactured with an anti-odour system to prevent bad odours inside the car. On the other hand, some car mat models have been tailored specifically for your vehicle.

The Toyota care mats are already manufactured and in stock in our logistics warehouses in France, therefore you will receive your order quickly (except for personalised products which will take 1-2 more days). If the warehouse is out of stock, we will inform you immediately to be able to send them to you from the closest warehouse.

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