Differences between the different types of car:

Below, we will give you a short summary of the different types of cars. We will look at the differences between hatchback, sedan, liftback, family, coupé, sport, restyling, hybrid, SUV, 4x4 and the different positions of the rear shelf of the boot.

Hatchback (3 or 5 doors)

Vehicles with 3 or 5 doors with rear window included in the boot, this means that, when you open the boot, the rear window moves with it. (It’s considered as 5 doors when the boot includes the rear window). Boot with a large incline.

Coche hacthbackCoche hatchback

Sedan / Berline (4 door)

Vehicles with 4 doors with rear window separated from the boot, this means that, when you open the boot, the rear window doesn’t move with it. (It’s considered as 4 doors when the boot DOES NOT include the rear window).

coche sedancoche sedan

Liftback / Sportback (5 door)

5 door vehicle with a similar look to the Sedan but with the glass integrated into the boot.

Coche liftbackCoche sportback

Family / Tourer / Touring / Estate / Avant / Shooting brake / Wagon (5 door)

Family versions, some available with 7 seats.

Coche familiarCoche avant

Coupé (2 door)

Vehicle with 2 doors, boot without rear windows. Sporty style.

Coche CoupeCoche Coupe

SPORT (3 door)

Similar vehicle to the 3 door hatchback but with a sportier style, without being a coupé.

Coche Sport

Cabriolet / Roadster / Convertible (2 door)

Vehicles with opening roof, convertible.

Coche cabrioCoche descapotable

SUV / 4x4 (5 door)

Off-road vehicles with 4x2 or 4x4 versions. Some available in 7 seats.

Coche SuvCoche 4x4


Changes, normally aesthetic, in a model available on the market to update it before the end of the life cycle of that model. It’s normally carried out halfway through the life cycle.

Coche restyling

Hybrid Version

Hybrid models can need mats or boot covers with different dimensions.

For example, RAV 4 / RAV 4 HYBRID

Coche Hyvrid

High / Medium / Low position

Models with boots at different heights. If there are two heights, they will be high and low. In the case of there being 3 heights, they will be high, medium and low.

For example, Seat Leon III ST, has high and low

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