Car mats – Manufacturing and sale

At Car Mat King® you will be able to find all types of car mats to refurbish your vehicle economically and stylishly. We are manufacturers and we distribute directly to the final customer which removes intermediaries that create extra costs.

Our extensive experience in the world of automobiles with more than ten years dedicated exclusively to the sale of car mats, gives us an unbeatable quality and finish. All car mats are hand made by our technical team, from the stitched border to the detail of the logo printed in 3d.

Our manufacturing and distribution processes are perfectly organised, enabling us to offer car mats made from scratch with a short delivery time. This way, we manage to make personalised car mats with the highest quality and provide a fast delivery service to the customer.

The process is fully coordinated: as soon as the order is placed, it directly enters the manufacturing process. Our rotating machine will cut the shape of your car mats precisely, adapting them to the measurements of the car. Next, the border of the car mat is stitched, the original fixings (if applicable) are put on and they go through the first quality control. If the indicators are positive, then we print and stitch the logo with the selected design. Once the process is finalised, the technician responsible checks the work and packages it to be sent directly to the customer. From “the oven” to home, without intermediaries. Once the order is sent, it will arrive in twenty-four hours by express courier. It’s that easy.

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Car Mat King - History of the personalised car mat

At Car Mat King® we are dedicated to the sales and distribution of tailor-made car mats. Currently, we distribute car mats throughout the entire European territory for dealers, brands, etc. Our great finish, reliability and quality of the materials along with their competitive price, represent the strong points that have made us stand out against other companies. As we all know, the world has digitalised and we have therefore adapted our production processes to the twenty-first century. This is how Car Mat King was born: flexible, fast, high finish, great quality and with a competitive price. Therefore, the Car Mat King can offer its customers car mats at a distribution price, direct to the customer! In addition, we have taken advantage of the contracts with the rest of the distributors that we already had, and we can offer other products at wholesale price and with permanent stock. Don’t miss this opportunity and join the Car Mat King® movement.

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