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Buy Chrysler car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Chrysler car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your order with total peace of mind and we will take care of the rest.

Chrysler is an American manufacturer of luxury automotive vehicles. Its headquarters are located in the state of Michigan, specifically in Auburn Hills.
Chrysler is owned by Stellantis, an Italian-French-American international automobile group founded on January 16, 2021 by the merger of Fiat Chrsyler Automobiles and Groupe PSA.
The company was founded in 1925 by Walter Percy Chrysler. His origins lie in Buick Motor Company, the company where Walter Chrysler started as a mechanic. In 1920 he decided to leave and three years later became president of Maxwell-Chalmers, a car manufacturer with serious economic problems.
As president, he worked on the reorganization and restructuring of the company, hiring engineers Fred Zeder, Carl Breer and Owen Skelton to create a six-cylinder engine. From that very moment, they were marketing vehicles for more than twenty years.
On June 25, 1925 he decided to found Chrysler Corporation, as he already had a good base thanks to Maxwell-Chalmers. A first model was launched to the market called Maxwell, also known as the B-70, a luxury car that reached 32,000 units sold.
In 1928 they decided to create a brand of low-cost vehicles called Plymouth. Although that same year Chrysler's most important milestone was to acquire Dodge, thus becoming part of the three largest automobile groups in the United States.
World War II brought about a drastic change in company policy. They had to stop the manufacture of passenger cars and devote themselves to the production of military trucks, reaching half a million of them.
At the end of the war, Chrysler resumed production of vehicles but with the same line of pre-war models. A method that did not like the public and that forced the company to make a radical change in the year 1949.
During the seventies the oil crisis occurred, a fact that caused a change in consumer tastes. They stopped acquiring great American sports cars to opt for those safer and cheaper vehicles. In 1970, the company acquired 15% of the shares of the Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors, marketing compact cars imported by the Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth brands.
In 1975 he launched the Córdoba and LeBaron models, being the smallest cars they had created until then.
In 1985, Chrysler and Mitsubishi formed the Diamond-Star Motors alliance and three years later opened a factory to create models together in the state of Illinois. The first vehicle they made together was the Mitsubishi Eclipse, a 2-door 4-cylinder coupe.
In the same decade, Chrysler partnered with the American Motors Corporation (AMC) to manufacture models at the AMC factory. In 1987, the company decided to buy the company from Renault and, in this way, the models marketed by AMC were renamed Eagle, which would disappear in 1998, being its successors updated versions of the models of Dodge, Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Plymouth. Mitsubishi would later purchase the Diamond-Star factory, ending the merger.
Chrysler launched a minivan called Chrysler Voyager that was a leader in sales in the United States and Europe, a fact that marked an important event in the history of the company. In 1993, the brand launched the Dodge Viper sports model with a V10 engine.
In 1998, the presidents of Chrysler and Daimler-Benz AG formalized their alliance under the name of DaimlerChrysler, an automobile group that would remain until 2007, the same year that it was sold to the investment group Cerberus Capital who named it Chrysler LLC. After the financial crisis that took place in 2009, the company was bailed out by an investment group formed by Fiat and the United States Government, among others. Fiat announced in 2014 the complete acquisition of Chrysler's shares, thus creating the Fiat Chrsyler Automobiles automotive group.

Buy Chrysler car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Chrysler car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your ord...

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Model:Grand Voyager, Voyager, 300C, PT Cruiser

Cheap Chrysler Car Mats

At the Car Mat King, you will be able to find cheap Chrysler car mats to replace the original ones or excellence range ones for experienced drivers. Our range of economical car mats has a slightly superior quality to the original standard ones, therefore ensuring their durability. The excellence range has a quality which far exceeds the average, standing out for its great finish and high density of the mat. The latter is highly recommended if you like the world of cars since you will appreciate every detail. The Chrysler car mats with rubber finish are manufactured with an anti-odour system to prevent bad odours inside the car. On the other hand, some car mat models have been tailored specifically for your vehicle.

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