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Buy Mitsubishi car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Mitsubishi car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your order with total peace of mind and we will take care of the rest.

Did you know that...?: Mitsubishi, although apparently not, is a consortium of companies independent of each other that were formed from a family business.
The name of the company refers to three diamonds.
The company was created by Yatarō. He was one of the most influential people in the transformation of Japan. Early in his career he devoted himself to shipping. In the year 1870, it took over three ships and over time was considered the most important shipping company in Japan.
Over the years, Mitsubishi, he devoted himself to military transport. Receiving favors from very important people in the military scene.
In the year 82 he came out competition and is that a new transport company appeared but Yataro, devised a plan to be the winner of the competition. And as it seems that it was not enough, he created a bank in the year 1880, along with the Bank of Tokyo becoming today the most important bank in Japan.
Mitsubishi is known worldwide for all the variants of companies that it has such as:
Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Atomic Industry and Mitsubishi Chemical.
Throughout history, we have several epic moments such as World War II, which once it ends, Mitsubishi runs out of the trade agreement with the United States since it made military material to Japan.
Mitsubishi once established with its new commercial bases, in 1917 it became the first Japanese automobile company. Throughout the sixties, the Mitsubishi 500 vehicle arrives with several victories such as the Macau Grand Prix in ' 62.
In 1982 and under the name of Mitsubishi Motors, the first montero was launched, which has won more than ten editions of the Dakar rally and five world cups in off-road rallies.
In 2004 more than one million four hundred thousand vehicles were manufactured, both for customers and for shops and it remained the third place of manufacturers of car brands in the world.
In 2007, the famous 4-wheel-drive SUV, Outlander, was manufactured, which already had a new platform, technology and comfort.
A few years later, they had a difficult crisis and their solution was that the company had a higher quality in its products and a better after-sales service. As it has obtained a great expansion of trade by the agreements of the participation in the market with Volkswagen and PSA mainly acquiring diesel engines.
This year a statement was made to return to the Mitsubishi classics renewing models such as the Lancer, EVO and the L200. It will also present some new sports style models such as the Eclipse, and the Raider which is a pick up.

Mitsubishi in its factories is responsible for the manufacture of more than twenty different Japanese models among which stand out in the continents of America and euros are the Lancer, Eclipse, the Galant, Grandis and SUV trucks Granada, Nativa, Outlander and el Pajero.

In 1986 Mitsubishi entered the Spanish market thanks to the agreement signed in ' 85 between Mercedes Benz. It is true that in the early years the situation was seen badly by the importation of vehicles of Japanese origin.

Below we present the most known Mitsubishi vehicle models in the world: ASX, Canter, Eclipse, Endeavor, Fuso, Grandis, GTO, i MiEV, Lancer, Lancer Evolution, Pickup L200, L300, Mirage, Montero, Galant , Nativa, MX, Outlander, Space Wagon, Colt, Xpander

Buy Mitsubishi car mats at the best price and quality at Car Mat King®. All Mitsubishi car mats are tailor made with the fixings and shapes of the original model. We only use top quality velour and rubber materials, taking maximum care of the details and offering a 2-year guarantee. Place your...

Technical characteristics
Model:ASX, Carisma, Colt, Eclipse Cross, Galant, Grandis, i-MiEV, L200, Lancer, Outlander, Pajero / Montero, Space Star
Years of manufacture:1996 - present
Body types:All Versions, All versions, 7 Spaces, 6 seat, Double cab, Single Cab, Single cab, Van, Sedan, Sportback, Touring, 7 plazas, 5 Spaces

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