Tailored suitcase kit for Ford C-MAX Grand (2010 - 2015)




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Tailored suitcases for Ford C-MAX Grand (2010 - 2015) - Kjust

Tailored luggage kit for Ford C-MAX Grand (2010 - 2015) to take advantage of the entire car space and load it easily and quickly. Ideal for traveling with family or friends. Excellent opportunity to acquire a complete kit for your car that you can also use as hand luggage, travel, on the plane etc. Made of polyamide (1680D) with special polyurethane coating. They are also waterproof. Definitely a recommended product.

Our Volvo S60 car bags (2010 - 2019) adapt perfectly to the boot surface so you will make the most of it. Ideal for families that are growing little by little and need to adjust their space more. In addition these travel bags are allowed on airplanes and can be used as carry-on, travel or sports bags so they will have unlimited use.

If you travel by car, the Ford C-MAX Grand (2010 - 2015) suitcases offer you an exceptionally practical solution, which will allow you to avoid many problems. We have focused on taking full advantage of the available space in the trunk of your car, so you can load up to 30% more luggage compared to traditional bags or suitcases.

The bags are very light, made of a high quality fabric. The bags are foldable and take up little space. In addition, they have a rigid pocket for the laptop and fasteners to transport them

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