Waterproof seat covers for save the wheels with tyres



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Slipcovers for storing or transporting the four tires over the rims. Ideal for storing the second set of winter tires or summer. With handle for transport, and waterproof with elastic band for better fit. Quantity: 4 pieces. Compatibility: Valid for wheels from 16 to 20 Inches with tires positions. Diameter: 76-80CM. Width: 50CM

Some covers for you to save your tyres and wheels without the need to occupy all the storage room of your home...
In addition to maintaining the tires that are perfect for your next use, the covers feature the latest technology so that neither the cold nor the heat weakens its use; nor cracking to the tire. The amount that comes in each pack of sleeves is four units with the possibility of being able to save wheels of at least 16 inches up to a maximum of 20 inches. The waterproof seat covers feature the diameter measures of 76-80 cm and a width of about 50 centimeters.
*Advise you to please check the measure of the tires available at the time, to verify if they are valid*
Where you can buy your waterproof seat covers for tires? You can buy them on the web page and within 24/48 hours are to have them in your home or in our office (please call us to verify that we have).

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