Volvo V50 wind deflector

Volvo V50 wind deflector



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Volvo V50 air wind deflectors

Kit of Volvo V50 air deflectors for the front windows of your car. The kit comprises two air deflectors for the front windows of the vehicle with the same measurements and shape as the originals. Very useful to prevent water, air or dirt from entering the car.

Kit contents: two Volvo V50 air deflectors, glue, assembly instructions, box and fittings in case they're needed.

Advantages of using Volvo V50 wind deflectors:

  1. Easy to install: simply put into place, leave the glue to dry for a few minutes and it's ready.
  2. Recommended for all types of users: ideal for aesthetic changes or simply for convenience.
  3. The Volvo V50 wind deflectors are made of high-quality semi-rigid ABS plastic.
  4. They don't crack or turn yellow with the sun. They don't break because of ice.
  5. Translucent colour that doesn't distort the view.
  6. Volvo V50 air deflectors approved for their use in Europe.

Most air deflectors for cars are installed inside the window frame of the door, except in cases where the window pressure sensors are very sensitive. In these cases, the deflector will be glued on top of the window frame for safety. However, you don't need to worry about anything, we will send you the air deflectors for your car with the same shape, measurements and fixings needed to install them.

In some countries, authorities advise them to be used for conditions of extreme heat or cold. The interior ventilation of the vehicle is vital to avoid dizziness or distractions at the wheel. At Car Mat King, we recommend using Volvo V50 air deflectors as a supplement to air conditioning. In addition, they have infinite uses since they can be used to leave the car in the sun with the windows open a few centimetres or simply to prevent bad odours inside the vehicle.

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