Sprays Cleaning 400ml - surface Cleaner, protects yours



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Spray Sanitizing alcohol-based 400 ml

Spray Sanitizing alcohol-based 400 ml for cleaning all types of surfaces. Prevents infections unnecessary. Leaves No stain.

In what cases would you use this spray?

  • -You receive a package at home. Rocías the package to clean it and that no external agent at home.
  • -You're going to purchase: when you enter the house you rocías all the clothes and shoes. In addition rocias the plastic bags (food is not).
  • Clean the mobile
  • -In the car: clean the steering wheel, gear knob, dashboard, knob, door etc
  • -Work place: when you get rocías keyboard, screen, table, chair, mouse, and prevent any contagion.
  • -Taxi, Cabify and Uber: before you ride clean the seat, the knob of the door and the seat.

Recommend you always carry a spray of these above and have one at home. With a simple spray you can avoid any type of contagion. There are two formats in spray. The spray is the most commonly used by individuals because it is the most comfortable and easy to carry. Unlike the gels, the spray covers the entire surface, so that it is much more effective.

  • 250 ml format: spray small ideal for carrying in pocket or purse (great for going out to the street with him).
  • 400 ml format: spray typical (the most sold).


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