Racing flag Toyota Tundra floor mats

Racing flag Toyota Tundra floor mats



Black Fabric - 1200 gr / m2

5-9 business days

2 years

Made with eco-friendly materials

52,99 €


Racing flag Toyota Tundra floor mats

Buy these quality Racing flag Toyota Tundra mats better than the original ones. Ideal to replace your vehicle with these. It improves the aesthetics of the vehicle, increases safety thanks to its driver anchors and improves the quality of the standard mats. Undoubtedly a wise decision when choosing a replacement mat.

  • Measurements: Compatible with your model, they may not be identical to the ones you have. In many cases cars do not have original floor mats.
  • Anchors: Anchors compatible with your car are included. If you do not have anchors on the driver's side, we will include some universal ones to ensure safety.

How to clean Racing flag Toyota Tundra floor mats?

Cleaning the Racing flag Toyota Tundra floor mats is simple. The first thing we will have to do if we want to do a comprehensive cleaning is to remove them from the vehicle. If they were wet it would be necessary to check if the car has any filtration. It is not normal but sometimes it has happened.

They can be cleaned with dry foam, water and soap or simply by vacuuming them. A very effective way to clean them is by vacuuming them and then using a Sisbrill® 361-style spray cleaner or APC from Chemical Guys. We apply it on the mat, pass a mop and let it dry. It will give a clean scent and remove the deepest dirt.

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