Car chains for Audi A3 8L Restyling (2000 - 2003)




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29,95 €

Car chains for Audi A3 8L Restyling (2000 - 2003)

Audi A3 8L Restyling (2000 - 2003) fabric chains so you can drive on snow with complete peace of mind without fear of getting off the road. In addition these chains are very easy to put on and their unbeatable quality. Product highly recommended if we want to be protected against any unforeseen weather.

How do we choose our Audi A3 8L Restyling (2000 - 2003) chains for snow or ice?

Simple, we will only have to look at our measurements. An example of measurement would be: 225 (width), 40 (profile) R18 (diameter), this means that we have to choose this measure: 225 / 40X18. As simple as that. Next to the measurement we will see a size, example: Fix & GoTex E, this means that our Audi A3 8L Restyling (2000 - 2003) chains are compatible with all tire sizes that bear the letter E.

Choose your model from the list. We see that we have two ranges with different prices:

Fix & GoTex: textile chains for cars.
Fix & GoTex Xtrem: reinforced textile chains for 4x4s and vans.

The Audi A3 8L Restyling (2000 - 2003) Fix & GoTex and Fix & Tex Extreme chains offer extra safety in snow or ice conditions on the road. They are also very comfortable since they avoid the typical vibrations of the metal chains. With high strength and quality, it has the TÜV certification and is especially suitable for all those vehicles that do not support the use of metal chains.

Technical characteristics of Audi A3 8L Restyling (2000 - 2003) chains
Handles of manipulation: it has handles on the sides to allow the manipulation during the assembly.
Tension system: system of tensioners that allow us to place Audi A3 8L Restyling (2000 - 2003) chains quickly, easily and while maintaining safety.
Synthetic fabric: made of braided nylon and high strength polyurethane that covers the entire surface of the chain.
High visibility front: high visibility color primer and steel rivets that allow wheel ventilation.

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